DIY String Heart


As beautiful as it looks as easy is to be made, check out below a few simple steps and learn to DIY this gorgeous string heart.

What you need:
one piece of wood – the bigger the better
string – you can use any yarn or string any color you like, however some close to red will have the best effect
box of nails
spray paint
piece of paper to draw the heart on

Step 1: Spray paint the wood and you a color that makes good contrast with the strings color

Step 2: After the paint dried, fix the paper one the wood and draw the heart shape on the paper

Step 3: Nail around the outline of the heart and space the nails about an inch distance.

Step 4: When all the nails are in place remove the paper.

Step 5: Get the string and tie a knot on one of the nails. Start stringing the string around the nails. There is no pattern to follow – just keep going until you like the pattern that resulted. You can also outline the entire heart to make it more visible.