10 Easy to Craft DIY Pallet Desks For Your Home Office

DIY-Pallet-Desks Wooden pallets are very easy to work with and can be used for making different pieces of furniture or in decorative projects around or in the house. As an example, the wooden pallet is a great raw building material for making a great desk for your home office. Crafting your own desk have some advantages, for example, you can choose the exact size you need, any shape and design you can imagine. Below are some of the most inspiring examples.
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DIY Pallet Top Desk


This is a quite interesting project that combines  a simple wooden table and a pallet. On the old wooden table there are built-in storage compartments made from a pallet, which can be useful in your home office.

DIY Pallet Desk


This is another desk with built-in storage compartments but in this case the entire pallet has become the top of the table. The pallet top has four wooden legs which is painted to add some color to it.

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